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Mateo Mendoza, an enthusiastic Ecuadorian blogger, shares the allure of Ecuador's natural wonders through his blog, "Epic Ecuador: Exploring Nature's Bounty." With a deep connection to his homeland, Mateo eloquently narrates the must-see places in Ecuador. 

From the breathtaking Galápagos Islands to the lush Amazon rainforest and the historic streets of Quito, Mateo encapsulates the beauty and diversity of Ecuador's landscapes and cultural heritage. His blog serves as a guide, inviting readers to uncover the rich tapestry of experiences that Ecuador has to offer.

Here are 10 must-visit places in Ecuador.

Written by: Mateo Mendoza

Galapagos Islands

Accessible by flights from Quito or Guayaquil, the Galapagos Islands are a world-renowned UNESCO World Heritage site known for their unique biodiversity and pristine landscapes.
Visit San Cristobal or Baltra Airport and explore the islands via organized tours or cruises to witness diverse wildlife and natural wonders.


Quito: Ecuador's capital, Quito, boasts well-preserved colonial architecture and vibrant culture.
Visitors can fly into Mariscal Sucre International Airport.
Explore the historic old town, visit the Mitad del Mundo monument, and take the Teleferico cable car for panoramic city views.

Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest: Accessible from Quito, travelers can fly or take a bus to towns like Tena or Coca.
From there, guided tours or lodges offer immersive experiences in the Amazon Rainforest, allowing visitors to encounter diverse wildlife, explore dense forests, and interact with indigenous communities.


Cuenca: Cuenca, a city renowned for its well-preserved colonial architecture, can be reached by flying into Cuenca's Mariscal Lamar Airport.
Explore the historic city center, visit the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, and enjoy the city's artistic ambiance.

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Baños: Baños, known for its thermal springs and outdoor activities, is accessible from Quito by bus.
Visitors can enjoy activities like hiking, biking, and soaking in hot springs while admiring the views of Tungurahua Volcano.

Otavalo Market

Otavalo Market: Otavalo, famous for its indigenous market, is reachable by bus from Quito.
The market offers a vast array of handicrafts, textiles, and traditional products made by local artisans.

Ingapirca Ruins

The Ingapirca Ruins, Ecuador's largest Incan archaeological site, can be reached by bus from Cuenca. Explore the site's ancient ruins and the Temple of the Sun.


Montañita: A popular beach town, Montañita is accessible from Guayaquil by bus.
Visitors can enjoy surfing, beach vibes, and vibrant nightlife.

Mindo Cloud Forest

Mindo Cloud Forest: From Quito, visitors can take a bus or drive to Mindo.
This lush cloud forest offers birdwatching, zip-lining, and nature walks.

  Papallacta Hot Springs

Papallacta Hot Springs: Papallacta's thermal springs are accessible by a drive from Quito.
Visitors can relax in natural hot springs surrounded by stunning Andean landscapes.

These diverse destinations offer a rich tapestry of culture, natural beauty, and historical wonders, making Ecuador a captivating and varied travel destination.

Insider's Guide
20 Local Tips for an Unforgettable Trip

Here are 20 tips and recommendations for a trip to Ecuador, based on local insights:

Pack for Varied Climates: Ecuador has diverse climates, so pack layers for both warm and cooler regions.

Learn Basic Spanish: Knowing some Spanish phrases will help communicate, especially in more remote areas.

Try Local Cuisine: Taste traditional dishes like ceviche, llapingachos, and locro de papa.

Visit the Galapagos Islands: Explore this unique destination for its unparalleled wildlife and natural beauty.

Explore the Andes: Hike or bike through the Andes for stunning views and unique cultural encounters.

Stay Aware of Altitude: Be mindful of high-altitude regions and acclimatize gradually to avoid altitude sickness.

Respect Cultural Traditions: Be respectful of indigenous cultures and customs, especially in rural areas.

Cash and Currency: Have local currency, as some areas may not accept cards, especially in markets.

Transportation Tips: Use reputable taxis or ride-sharing apps for safer city travels.

Eco-Tourism Options: Consider eco-friendly tours and accommodations to support sustainable tourism.

Safety Precautions: Be aware of your surroundings, especially in less touristy or crowded areas.

Adventure Sports: Engage in activities like rafting, hiking, and paragliding in scenic locations.

Local Festivals: Try to experience local festivals to witness Ecuador's vibrant cultural celebrations.

Cultural Handicrafts: Support local artisans by purchasing handmade crafts and souvenirs.

Cultural Etiquette: Ask for permission before taking photos, especially in sensitive cultural areas.

Local Markets: Bargain respectfully at markets for better deals and to support local vendors.

Nightlife Safety: Enjoy the vibrant nightlife while being mindful of your surroundings.

Environmental Awareness: Support conservation efforts and avoid littering in natural areas.

Accommodation Options: Research and choose accommodations that prioritize sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Stay Hydrated and Sun-Protected: Due to varying climates, carry water and protect yourself from the sun.

These tips will help make your journey through Ecuador more enjoyable, allowing you to appreciate the country's diverse culture, nature, and traditions.

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