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Fatima Benitez, a proud Moroccan, infuses her blog with the flavors of Morocco. Her love for the enchanting chaos of Marrakech's souks, the timeless beauty of the Sahara Desert, and the architectural marvels of Fez fill her vibrant narratives. 

Her posts offer a sensory journey through the must-visit places in Morocco, painting a vivid picture of the country's intricate tapestry of history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. With her insightful guidance, readers experience the rich mosaic that defines Morocco.

Here's a travel guide to some must-visit spots in captivating Morocco:

Written by: Fatima Benitez

Marrakech .

Marrakech Description: Marrakech is a bustling city that effortlessly weaves the past with the present. The heart of the city lies within the medina, where vibrant souks, historic palaces like the Bahia Palace, and the pulsating Jemaa el-Fna square paint a vivid tapestry of Moroccan culture.
Don't miss the Koutoubia Mosque's towering minaret.
To get there, international travelers often arrive via Marrakech Menara Airport, which serves flights from major cities worldwide. Once in the city, taxis and local buses are readily available for navigating within.


Chefchaouen Known as the "Blue Pearl," Chefchaouen boasts a mesmerizing blue-hued old town nestled in the Rif Mountains. The maze-like streets lined with buildings in varying shades of blue create a serene and photogenic atmosphere.
The Grand Mosque and the charming Plaza Uta el-Hammam are must-sees.
Arrive via Tangier by bus or car; it's about a 2- to 4-hour journey. Buses are reliable and depart regularly from Tangier to Chefchaouen.


Fes, with its UNESCO-listed old town, is a labyrinth of narrow streets, vibrant markets, and historical landmarks like the Al Quaraouiyine Mosque and the tanneries. The city encapsulates Morocco's rich heritage. The Fes Saiss Airport serves international and domestic flights. From the airport, taxis or pre-arranged transfers are common. Within the city, the medina is best explored on foot.

The Sahara Desert's.

The Sahara Desert's golden dunes offer an otherworldly experience.
Merzouga and Zagora are popular gateways for Sahara adventures. Experience camel treks, camp under the stars in a traditional Bedouin camp, and witness breathtaking sunsets and sunrises.
To reach Merzouga, take a bus from Fes or hire a driver for a more direct route. Zagora is reachable by bus from Marrakech.

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Essaouira Description: This coastal gem blends history, art, and stunning beaches.
The medina's fortifications and the vibrant harbor, where blue boats sway gently in the breeze, are captivating.
Essaouira Mogador Airport serves domestic flights; from Marrakech, it's a scenic 2.5 to 3-hour drive. Buses are available from various cities, offering a more budget-friendly option.


Casablanca, a bustling metropolis on the coast, blends a modern cityscape with echoes of its colonial past. The iconic Hassan II Mosque, poised elegantly over the Atlantic, stands as a symbol of Moroccan architecture and craftsmanship.
Casablanca is easily accessible via Mohammed V International Airport, with flights connecting globally. From the airport, taxis or a train journey to the city center are convenient options.
The city's tram system and taxis are great for getting around.

Atlas Mountains.

Atlas Mountains The Atlas Mountains offer a breathtaking escape into nature’s beauty.
Trekking through the High Atlas region reveals traditional Berber villages, lush valleys, and awe-inspiring panoramas.
Marrakech serves as a gateway to the mountains; day trips or longer excursions can be organized through tour operators in the city.
Shared taxis or private transfers are common modes of transport. Alternatively, for the more adventurous, local buses can take you to some of the mountainous towns.


Rabat As the capital city, Rabat exudes a more relaxed ambiance compared to other major cities.
The Kasbah of the Udayas, the Hassan Tower, and the splendid Mohammed V Mausoleum reflect the city's historical and cultural significance.
Rabat-Salé Airport caters to domestic flights, and it's just a short drive from the city center.
Travelers often arrive by train from other major cities like Casablanca or Tangier. Within Rabat, the tram system and taxis are convenient for exploring.


Ouarzazate Ouarzazate, often called the "Gateway to the Sahara," is a cinematic oasis known for its movie studios and stunning desert landscapes.
The Taourirt Kasbah, Aït Benhaddou, and the Atlas Film Studios offer an insight into the region's history and its ties to the film industry. Ouarzazate Airport receives limited domestic flights.
Travelers typically arrive by bus from Marrakech or by private car. Local buses and shared taxis are useful for navigating within the city.

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  Dades Valley.

Dades Valley Description: The Dades Valley, known for its dramatic rock formations and picturesque landscapes, provides an off-the-beaten-path adventure.
The winding Dades Gorge and the Valley of the Roses offer stunning vistas and a glimpse into rural Berber life.
Travelers can access the valley by hiring a private driver from Ouarzazate or taking a bus from major cities like Marrakech or Fes. Once there, walking, hiking, or hiring a local guide for treks are ideal ways to explore the area.


Agadir Agadir, with its stunning beaches, bustling markets, and vibrant nightlife, offers a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure.
The beach promenade, Kasbah views, and the Souk El Had market create an exciting ambiance. Agadir Al-Massira Airport is well-connected with international flights.
From the airport, taxis or local buses efficiently transport visitors to the city center. Within Agadir, the city is relatively compact, making walking or using local buses and petite taxis ideal for exploring


Meknes Meknes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, emanates a regal charm with its grand gates, expansive royal stables, and intricate architecture.
The Bab Mansour and the mausoleum of Moulay Ismail are architectural gems worth exploring.
The city is accessible via train or bus from major cities like Rabat or Fez.
Meknes doesn't have its own airport, so travelers often arrive at Fes Saiss Airport or Rabat-Salé Airport and then take a connecting train or bus to the city.


Tangier Tangier, a city at the crossroads of Europe and Africa, boasts a unique blend of cultures and influences. The Kasbah, the Caves of Hercules, and the bustling Grand Socco encapsulate the city's rich history and scenic beauty.
Tangier Ibn Battuta Airport receives domestic and international flights.
From the airport, taxis or city buses provide easy access to the city center. Within Tangier, taxis and walking are convenient for getting around and exploring the sights.

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El Jadida.

El Jadida El Jadida, a coastal town with Portuguese roots, showcases a historic charm with its Cité Portugaise, a UNESCO-listed site with fascinating architecture and ancient ramparts.
The laid-back beaches and seafood eateries add to the town's allure.
The nearest airport is Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport, and from there, travelers can take a taxi, bus, or even a train to El Jadida.
Within the town, walking or renting bicycles are great ways to explore.


Volubilis Description: Volubilis, an ancient Roman city, stands as a testament to Morocco's rich history. The well-preserved ruins, including intricate mosaics and grand arches, offer a fascinating journey back in time. The site is best accessed from Meknes or Fez.
Travelers can take a taxi, hire a private driver, or join a guided tour to explore Volubilis. The archaeological site is relatively compact and ideal for exploration on foot.

These destinations, from the historic marvels of Meknes and Volubilis to the coastal charm of Tangier and Agadir, paint a diverse canvas of Morocco's wonders.
Each place whispers its own unique story, weaving a rich tapestry of the country's culture and heritage.

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Insider's Guide
20 Local Tips for an Unforgettable Trip

Tips and Recommendations for a Trip to Morocco:

Haggling Skills: Practice negotiating prices in souks but maintain respect in the process.

Moroccan Cuisine: Indulge in tagines, couscous, and mint tea at local eateries for an authentic taste.

Dress Consideration: Dress modestly in more conservative areas to respect local traditions.

Exploring Medina: Get lost in the labyrinthine medinas of cities like Fes and Marrakech, but be mindful of directions.

Visit Historical Sites: Discover the rich history at sites like the Kasbahs, mosques, and madrasas.

Language Skills: Learn basic Arabic phrases to communicate and connect with locals.

Safe Transportation: Use licensed taxis or trusted drivers and agree on fares before traveling.

Public Etiquette: Avoid public displays of affection, especially during Ramadan.

Cultural Observance: Respect prayer times by minimizing noise and disruptions.

Guided Tours: Hire local guides for insights into the culture and history of different regions.

Bargaining Advice: Bargain patiently and respectfully, enjoying the process as a cultural experience.

Cash Availability: Have cash on hand for markets and smaller vendors, as they might not accept cards.

Weather Preparedness: Pack for varying climates, from the coast to the mountains.

Photo Etiquette: Ask for permission before taking photos, especially of people.

Relaxation in Riads: Experience staying in a traditional riad for a unique accommodation experience.

Avoiding Scams: Be cautious of scams, especially around tourist sites and in crowded areas.

Local Festivals: Check for local events or festivals for a more immersive experience.

Tea Rituals: Embrace the Moroccan tea culture and enjoy the ritual of tea-making.

Travel Insurance: Ensure comprehensive travel insurance for unforeseen circumstances.

Responsible Travel: Leave a positive impact by disposing of waste responsibly and supporting local businesses.


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