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Dutch Delights
A Journey Through the Netherlands

Meet our intrepid blogger, Maria, whose wanderlust knows no bounds! With a heart full of adventure and a passion for exploration, Maria has journeyed through the enchanting Netherlands, capturing its essence one city at a time. 

Through her vivid narratives and stunning photography, she unveils the hidden gems and iconic landmarks of this charming country. 

From the picturesque canals of Amsterdam to the historic windmills of Kinderdijk, the blog is your ultimate guide to the must-see and must-visit places in the Netherlands. Join her as she paints a colorful picture of her Dutch adventures, igniting your travel dreams.
Here are 15 must-see places and attractions in the Netherlands:

Written by: Maria van den Berg

A Dutch Dream Come True

I recently had the privilege of exploring the breathtaking city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and I must say, it exceeded all my expectations. From the moment you set foot in this enchanting place, you're swept away by the picturesque canals that crisscross the city, creating a unique charm that's nothing short of mesmerizing.

Amsterdam is more than just the capital; it's a historical masterpiece, boasting world-class museums that house some of the most famous artworks in history. The Rijksmuseum, with its stunning collection of Dutch Golden Age masterpieces, and the Van Gogh Museum, dedicated to the brilliant artist's life and work, are must-visits.

But there's more to Amsterdam than just art. It's a city of vibrant neighborhoods, each with its own character. From the trendy Jordaan to the historic charm of the Old Centre, you'll find yourself immersed in a tapestry of culture and diversity. And let's not forget the iconic Anne Frank House, where you can learn about the Holocaust and the inspiring story of Anne Frank.

The beauty of Amsterdam isn't just in its landmarks but in its daily life. Rent a bike, as the locals do, and cruise along the canal-side bike lanes. Savor a traditional Dutch pancake or try the adventurous raw herring from a street vendor. Amsterdam's authentic experiences are everywhere.

So, if you're planning a trip to the Netherlands, make sure to put Amsterdam at the very top of your list. It's a city that's bound to leave an indelible mark on your heart, just as it did on mine. Amsterdam: a Dutch dream come true.

Keukenhof Gardens
Where Spring Blossoms into Life

My recent journey to Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, Netherlands, was nothing short of a fairy tale brought to life. In the springtime, this enchanting place is an explosion of colors and fragrances that will transport you to a floral wonderland.

Keukenhof is renowned for its magnificent flower fields and meticulously manicured gardens, showcasing a breathtaking array of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and more. It's a floral symphony that paints the landscape with vibrant hues, and the fragrance of the blooms fills the air, creating a sensory delight like no other.

As I strolled through the garden's winding paths and admired the meticulously designed flower displays, I couldn't help but be captivated by the sheer beauty of nature in full bloom. The vibrant tulips, in particular, stand out, each petal seemingly painted by the hand of a master artist.

The gardens, set amidst a lush and tranquil landscape, provide the perfect backdrop for photography, relaxation, and simply immersing yourself in the serenity of this natural masterpiece. It's no wonder that Keukenhof is known as the "Garden of Europe."

Visiting Keukenhof during the spring is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a symphony of colors and scents that will forever be etched in your memory. Whether you're a flower enthusiast, a nature lover, or someone seeking a unique and vibrant travel experience, Keukenhof Gardens is an absolute must-visit destination in the Netherlands.

Kinderdijk Windmills
A Dutch Delight in the Heart of History

My recent adventure took me to the serene and captivating Kinderdijk Windmills in the Netherlands, a UNESCO World Heritage site that feels like a step back in time. Nestled in a tranquil polder landscape, these iconic windmills stand proudly as a testament to Dutch ingenuity and their ongoing battle with water.

As I strolled through this picturesque collection of 19 working windmills, I couldn't help but be awestruck by their elegance and significance. These giants of timber and thatch have been safeguarding the low-lying Dutch lands from flooding for centuries, and they continue to do so today.

The sight of the windmills standing in a perfect row, their sails gently turning in the breeze, is a quintessential Dutch image that will stay with you forever. This place is a photographer's dream, with endless opportunities to capture the beauty of the Dutch landscape.

Beyond their visual charm, the Kinderdijk Windmills offer an insight into the country's battle against water and their determination to reclaim land from the sea. You can explore the interior of one of these windmills, gaining a deeper understanding of the engineering marvel behind them.

For history enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those seeking an authentic Dutch experience, Kinderdijk Windmills is a must-visit. It's a place where the past meets the present, and where the timeless beauty of Dutch windmills creates a unique and enchanting atmosphere you won't want to miss.

Zaanse Schans
A Living Tale of Dutch Heritage

My journey to Zaanse Schans in the Netherlands was like stepping into a living storybook of Dutch culture and history. This enchanting open-air museum, nestled along the banks of the Zaan River, is a treasure trove of iconic Dutch traditions and craftsmanship.

As I wandered through the village, I marveled at the historic windmills, their colossal sails turning gracefully, a testament to Dutch innovation in harnessing the power of the wind. Zaanse Schans is the perfect place to capture the quintessential Dutch windmill photo.

But it's not just the windmills; Zaanse Schans offers an immersive experience into the heart of Dutch heritage. From clog-making demonstrations to the intricate art of cheese production, you'll witness time-honored crafts in action. And the best part? You can try on those wooden clogs, and yes, you might just end up taking a pair home!

The quaint, green-painted houses, lush gardens, and the cobbled pathways complete the charming tableau. It's as if you've been transported back in time to a Netherlands of yesteryears. Be sure to visit the museum's historic buildings to learn about the region's industrial heritage.

For those seeking an authentic Dutch experience, Zaanse Schans is a must-visit. It's a place where history comes to life, where traditions are celebrated, and where the essence of Dutch culture and craftsmanship is beautifully preserved.

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A Masterpiece of Dutch Art and History

My recent visit to the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands left me in awe of the nation's rich artistic legacy. This cultural gem, nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, is a must-visit for anyone with a passion for art and history.

As I walked through the hallowed halls, I was treated to a dazzling array of Dutch Golden Age masterpieces. From the timeless "The Night Watch" by Rembrandt to Vermeer's captivating "The Milkmaid," the museum houses an unparalleled collection of artworks that epitomize the Golden Age of Dutch painting.

The architecture of the museum is a work of art in itself, and it provides a fitting backdrop for these remarkable treasures. The grandeur of the building complements the grandeur of the art it holds.

One of the highlights of my visit was the Gallery of Honor, where these masterpieces are displayed, inviting you to marvel at the meticulous details and exquisite colors that define Dutch art. It's like being immersed in a world of history and creativity.

But the Rijksmuseum isn't just about the past. It offers insights into Dutch history and culture through its extensive collection of artifacts, showcasing the nation's growth and achievements over the centuries.

For art lovers and history buffs alike, the Rijksmuseum is an essential stop on any trip to the Netherlands. It's a place where the brushstrokes of the Dutch masters come to life, and where history unfolds before your eyes.

Van Gogh Museum
A Brush with Genius in Amsterdam

My recent voyage to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam was a profound journey through the brilliant and tormented mind of one of the world's greatest artists, Vincent van Gogh. This dedicated museum, nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, is a haven for art aficionados and lovers of the extraordinary.

As I stepped inside, I found myself immersed in the captivating universe of Van Gogh's life and art. The museum's vast collection of his works, from "Starry Night" to "Sunflowers," vividly traces his creative evolution and inner turmoil. It's a rare opportunity to witness the raw emotions and vibrant colors that defined his unique style.

What struck me most was the intimate connection to the artist himself. Personal letters, sketches, and artifacts shed light on his life, struggles, and creative process. The journey through these galleries felt like walking in the footsteps of a genius.

The Van Gogh Museum is a testament to the enduring power of art to touch the soul. It's an experience that transcends mere observation and allows you to glimpse the world through the eyes of a tormented genius.

For art enthusiasts and those curious about the enigmatic life of Vincent van Gogh, this museum is a profound and essential visit. It's a place where you can explore the depths of creativity and the indomitable spirit of a true master.

Anne Frank House
A Poignant Journey Through History

My recent visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam was an emotional and eye-opening experience that touched my soul. This hallowed site, situated along the serene Prinsengracht canal, stands as a living testament to one of the darkest chapters in human history and the enduring spirit of hope.

Stepping into the very rooms where Anne Frank and her family hid from the horrors of the Holocaust, I was reminded of the importance of bearing witness to the past. The museum's exhibitions and artifacts provide a poignant insight into Anne's life, her dreams, and the stark realities she faced during those harrowing times.

Walking through the concealed annex where Anne penned her diary, I couldn't help but feel a profound connection to her and the countless others who suffered. The museum is a reminder of the strength of the human spirit even in the face of adversity.

The Anne Frank House is a place of reflection and remembrance, a place where you can learn about the Holocaust's atrocities and the enduring message of hope found within Anne's diary. It's an experience that leaves an indelible mark on your heart, inspiring a commitment to never forget the lessons of the past.

For history enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the human capacity for resilience, the Anne Frank House is an essential pilgrimage. It's a place where history becomes a living memory, urging us to stand against intolerance and injustice.

The Hague
Where History, Politics, and Miniature Worlds Unite

My recent adventure took me to The Hague, the political heartbeat of the Netherlands, and I was left captivated by the city's unique blend of historical significance and modern wonders. Nestled along the Dutch coast, The Hague is an essential stop for travelers seeking a deeper understanding of Dutch culture and governance.

A highlight of my visit was the Peace Palace, a symbol of global diplomacy. Walking through its grand halls, I was reminded of the importance of international cooperation and peace. The Peace Palace Library is a treasure trove for legal scholars and history enthusiasts.

But The Hague isn't just about politics; it's a city of rich cultural diversity. Madurodam, a miniature park, allows you to explore the entire country in just a few hours. The meticulously crafted miniature models of Dutch landmarks and cities are a wonder to behold, and I was amazed by the attention to detail.

Strolling through the city's wide boulevards, I marveled at the stunning architecture and vibrant neighborhoods. The Binnenhof, with its medieval charm, stands in stark contrast to the modernity of the International Court of Justice.

Whether you're interested in history, politics, or just want to be mesmerized by miniature Dutch wonders, The Hague is a must-visit. It's a city that seamlessly weaves tradition and innovation into a tapestry of experiences that will leave you both informed and inspired.

Where History, Canals, and Culture Converge

My recent journey led me to the enchanting city of Utrecht in the Netherlands, a hidden gem that effortlessly combines history, natural beauty, and a thriving cultural scene. Nestled along picturesque canals, Utrecht beckons travelers with its unique charm and vibrant atmosphere.

One of the city's standout attractions is the Dom Tower, a towering masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Climbing its 465 steps is a rewarding endeavor, offering panoramic views that stretch far and wide. The sweeping vistas of Utrecht and its surroundings are simply breathtaking.

Wandering along the city's canals is a joy in itself. Quaint bridges, waterside cafes, and historic facades create a romantic ambiance that's hard to resist. It's the ideal setting for a leisurely stroll or a scenic canal boat tour.

But Utrecht is more than just postcard-perfect scenery. The city's cultural scene is alive and thriving, with an array of museums, galleries, and a bustling music and arts community. The diverse food scene, from traditional Dutch fare to international cuisine, ensures that every culinary craving is satisfied.

Utrecht's charm lies in its ability to transport you back in time while embracing the dynamic spirit of the present. It's a city where history, canals, and culture converge, offering an unforgettable experience for travelers seeking to explore the heart of the Netherlands.

A Stroll Through Time with Delftware Delights

My recent sojourn to Delft, a small town in the Netherlands, was a delightful immersion into a bygone era. Delft, famous for its enchanting blue and white pottery, is a place that beautifully marries history, artistry, and Dutch charm.

Wandering its cobblestone streets and alongside its tranquil canals, I was transported to a world of old-world elegance. The town's distinctive architecture, with its gabled houses and narrow alleys, creates an atmosphere of timeless beauty.

Delftware, with its intricate hand-painted designs, is the town's crowning glory. I had the privilege of visiting a Delftware workshop, witnessing the skill and patience required to create these delicate masterpieces. The shops and galleries throughout town are a haven for pottery enthusiasts.

One of the highlights of my visit was exploring the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church), where members of the Dutch royal family are entombed. Climbing the tower, I was rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the town.

Delft's calm and serene ambiance is perfect for a leisurely day trip from nearby cities like Rotterdam and The Hague. It's a place where history meets artistry, where every corner tells a story, and where the allure of Delftware is celebrated in all its glory. For history buffs and lovers of fine craftsmanship, Delft is a must-visit destination that promises an enriching journey through time.

Where Art, History, and Canals Intersect

My recent exploration of Leiden, a charming city in the Netherlands, was a delightful journey through a tapestry of Dutch heritage and natural beauty. Known as the birthplace of the legendary artist Rembrandt, Leiden boasts an artistic and historic legacy that's nothing short of enchanting.

Strolling through the city's winding canals, I was captivated by the picturesque scenery, with graceful bridges, tree-lined streets, and historic architecture that seemed to have been plucked from a postcard.

A visit to the Rembrandt House Museum, where the master painter spent his early years, was a highlight. It provided a glimpse into the life and works of one of the world's greatest artists. Nearby, the Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal showcases an extensive collection of Dutch art, including works by Rembrandt and other renowned painters.

Leiden is more than just an art lover's paradise; it's a town with a vibrant cultural scene, including numerous festivals, events, and a lively university atmosphere. The city's academic heritage is evident in its historic university buildings and libraries.

Leiden's compact size makes it perfect for exploration on foot or by bike. It's an excellent day trip destination from Amsterdam or The Hague, offering a serene escape into Dutch history and culture without the bustling crowds.

For travelers seeking a serene Dutch experience enriched with history and art, Leiden is a must-visit. It's a place where the legacy of Rembrandt and the beauty of its canals intersect, creating an unforgettable journey through the heart of the Netherlands.

A Cheesy Delight and Architectural Marvel

My recent escapade took me to the delightful town of Gouda in the Netherlands, where I was treated to a sensory journey of taste and visual splendor. Gouda is renowned not just for its mouthwatering cheese but also for its picturesque town hall that seems plucked from a fairy tale.

Walking along the cobbled streets, I couldn't help but be entranced by the town's historic architecture, charming canals, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere. Gouda's town hall, a masterpiece of Gothic-Renaissance architecture, stands as a testament to the town's rich history and the intricate craftsmanship of bygone eras.

Of course, a visit to Gouda wouldn't be complete without indulging in its namesake cheese. The cheese market, held during the summer months, is a lively affair that showcases the city's cheese-making heritage. Sampling the delectable Gouda cheese from local vendors is an experience that will tantalize your taste buds.

Gouda is not just about cheese and architecture; it's a place where history and culture seamlessly blend. The St. John's Church, known for its stunning stained glass windows, and the Museum Gouda, with its art and historical collections, offer fascinating insights into the town's cultural tapestry.

This small Dutch town offers an authentic experience that's rich in flavors, history, and architectural splendor. For travelers seeking a taste of traditional Dutch life, Gouda is a must-visit destination where every corner tells a story and every bite is a delight.

Discovering the Tranquil Beauty of the Dutch 'Venice'

My recent adventure led me to Giethoorn, a serene and picturesque village in the Netherlands that's often dubbed the "Venice of the North." This enchanting place, with its pristine canals and rustic thatched-roof cottages, feels like a journey into a storybook.

As I meandered through the village, it became clear why Giethoorn is so special. The absence of cars is a breath of fresh air, replaced by quaint footpaths and waterways. Punting along the canals in traditional "whisper boats" offered a unique perspective of this idyllic setting.

The charming bridges, some centuries old, connect the village's islands, adding to the fairytale ambiance. Birdsong and the gentle lapping of water are the soundtrack of this oasis.

Giethoorn's tranquility belies its liveliness. The village is home to cozy cafes, charming galleries, and artisan shops. You can sample Dutch delicacies in waterside restaurants, and, of course, cheese shops.

For those seeking peace and nature, Giethoorn is a must-visit destination. It's a place where you can unwind, unplug, and immerse yourself in the quiet beauty of a Dutch gem that feels like it's straight out of a storybook.

Maastricht: A Dutch Jewel in the South

My recent journey to Maastricht, the southernmost city in the Netherlands, was a captivating blend of history, culture, and gastronomy that left me spellbound. This charming city, nestled along the banks of the Meuse River, boasts a distinct character that sets it apart from other Dutch destinations.

Maastricht's historic heart is a maze of cobblestone streets, grand squares, and centuries-old buildings. The Vrijthof square, with its twin churches and vibrant cafe culture, was a hub of activity, drawing both locals and visitors.

But it's not just the history that makes Maastricht unique. The city's cuisine is a blend of Dutch and French influences, offering an exquisite culinary journey. Cafes and restaurants serve up delights like Limburgse vlaai, a delicious local pastry.

Maastricht's relaxed atmosphere and lively squares, like Onze Lieve Vrouweplein, provide the perfect backdrop for savoring the city's essence. The St. Pietersberg Caves and Fort St. Pieter offer fascinating insights into the city's underground history, while the Basilica of St. Servatius is a splendid example of Romanesque architecture.

For travelers seeking an authentic Dutch experience infused with rich history and delectable cuisine, Maastricht is a must-visit. It's a place that leaves you with a lasting taste of the southern charm and heritage that make it a true Dutch jewel.

Kijkduin and Scheveningen Beaches
Seaside Bliss in The Hague

My recent visit to Kijkduin and Scheveningen, two stunning beaches near The Hague, was a coastal escape that left me with a deep appreciation for the beauty of the Dutch coastline. These sandy shores, with their golden expanses and vibrant seaside culture, are a delightful revelation in the heart of the Netherlands.

Kijkduin, with its relaxed and family-friendly ambiance, is a haven for sun-seekers and watersports enthusiasts. As I strolled along the wide promenade, I was captivated by the views of the North Sea and the surrounding dunes.

Scheveningen, on the other hand, offers a lively beachfront scene. From the iconic Kurhaus hotel to the Scheveningen Pier, there's no shortage of activities and attractions. Watersports, beachfront dining, and cultural events provide a dynamic atmosphere.

Both beaches are known for their fresh seafood, and I couldn't resist indulging in a plate of Dutch herring or kibbeling while taking in the sea breeze. The charming beach clubs offer a range of cuisines and cocktails, ensuring a delightful culinary journey.

Whether you're looking for a day of relaxation, beachfront adventure, or vibrant nightlife, Kijkduin and Scheveningen have it all. It's a perfect blend of natural beauty and seaside entertainment, and it's a must-visit for anyone exploring The Hague or seeking a coastal retreat in the Netherlands.

These are just a few of the many incredible places to visit in the Netherlands, each offering a unique and memorable experience.

Insider's Guide
20 Local Tips for an Unforgettable Trip

Here are 20 tips and recommendations from locals for a trip to the Netherlands:

Explore Amsterdam by Bike: Rent a bike and experience the city like a local, navigating its extensive network of bike lanes.

Visit Keukenhof: Don't miss the famous Keukenhof Gardens to witness the breathtaking tulip fields in spring.

Sample Dutch Cheese: Try various Dutch cheeses like Gouda and Edam, and visit a cheese market for the full experience.

Take a Canal Cruise: Tour Amsterdam's picturesque canals for a unique perspective of the city's architecture.

Discover Historic Delft: Explore the charming town of Delft, known for its pottery and historic architecture.

Go Windmill Spotting: Explore the Kinderdijk Windmills and Zaanse Schans for iconic Dutch windmill experiences.

Enjoy Pancakes: Savor Dutch pancakes (pannenkoeken) at a local pancake house.

Try Raw Herring: Be adventurous and sample raw herring with onions and pickles from a herring stand.

Visit Anne Frank House: Learn about the Holocaust and the inspiring story of Anne Frank in Amsterdam.

Attend a Local Festival: Check for local festivals or events happening during your visit, like King's Day (Koningsdag).

Experience Dutch Museums: Visit world-class museums like the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Mauritshuis.

Stroll through Leiden: Discover the picturesque canals and historic charm of Leiden, the birthplace of Rembrandt.

Explore Utrecht: Wander the canals, climb the Dom Tower, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of Utrecht.

Taste Bitterballen: Try these delicious Dutch croquettes, often enjoyed as a snack with a beer.

Discover Rotterdam's Modern Architecture: Marvel at the innovative architecture and skyscrapers in Rotterdam.

Visit the Hague: Explore the political and cultural heart of the Netherlands, with attractions like the Peace Palace and Scheveningen beach.

Try Indonesian Rijsttafel: Experience the Indonesian-Dutch fusion cuisine by trying a rijsttafel (rice table) at a local restaurant.

Take a Day Trip to Giethoorn: Visit the charming "Venice of the North" with its beautiful canals and thatched-roof cottages.

Stay in a Houseboat: Experience Dutch life by booking a houseboat for accommodation in cities like Amsterdam or Utrecht.

Respect the Environment: Be mindful of the environment and follow local recycling and sustainability practices, as the Dutch are known for their eco-consciousness.

These tips will help you make the most of your trip to the Netherlands while experiencing it like a local. Enjoy your Dutch adventure!

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