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In Tanzania, Amina Kimaro, a passionate and culturally attuned blogger, unveils the sheer enchantment of her homeland. Sharing vivid narratives of the Serengeti's majesty, the Ngorongoro Crater's mystique, and the allure of Mount Kilimanjaro, Amina's blog brings alive the diverse ecologies and rich traditions of Tanzania. Her posts exude the essence of the Maasai people, the Zanzibar archipelago's allure, and the bustling markets in Dar es Salaam, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the mosaic of Tanzanian wonders.

Here are 10 must-visit places in Tanzania along with information and guidance on how to reach each location:

Written by:  Amina Kimaro

Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti National Park stands as an awe-inspiring haven, acclaimed for the annual Great Migration and its breathtaking wildlife spectacles. To access this wildlife paradise, regional flights to Seronera Airstrip provide a direct and efficient route. 

Alternatively, visitors can opt for a picturesque drive from major cities such as Arusha or Mwanza. Whether by flight or road, the Serengeti promises an unforgettable encounter with nature's grandeur, offering glimpses of iconic African fauna thriving in their natural habitats amidst the park's sprawling landscapes.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's majestic pinnacle and an adventurer's aspiration, offers diverse trekking experiences via routes like Marangu, Machame, and Lemosho. Access the towering icon by flying into Kilimanjaro International Airport, then embark on a drive to the mountain's base for trekking expeditions. 

Whether choosing the direct approach or opting for the scenic drive, Kilimanjaro International Airport serves as the primary gateway for enthusiasts seeking to conquer this iconic peak. 

The route chosen sets the stage for an awe-inspiring journey up this natural wonder, promising a trekker's dream and an experience unlike any other.


Zanzibar, an alluring archipelago celebrated for its unspoiled beaches, profound historical significance, and lively cultural tapestry, beckons visitors from afar. Accessing this paradise involves two primary options: Catch a flight from Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam for a swift and convenient aerial journey. 

Alternatively, opt for a ferry departing from the mainland, offering a scenic, seafaring passage to this gem in the Indian Ocean. Whether by air or sea, the journey to Zanzibar unveils a world of enchantment, inviting exploration of its pristine shores, rich heritage, and vibrant local life.

Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site teeming with a remarkable array of wildlife, proudly hosts the renowned Big Five and countless other species. To delve into this natural marvel, visitors have two primary access options. 

The first involves a scenic drive from Arusha, allowing for a self-guided exploration of the crater. Alternatively, one can book a guided tour from surrounding towns, providing a more structured and informative experience led by knowledgeable local guides. 

Whether by self-drive adventure or a curated guided tour, the journey to the Ngorongoro Crater unveils a stunning ecosystem and an abundance of wildlife against the backdrop of this geological wonder.

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Tarangire National Park:

Tarangire National Park, celebrated for its varied terrain and substantial elephant populace, offers multiple routes for access. One approach involves a road journey, providing travelers the opportunity to drive from either Arusha or Manyara, presenting a chance to revel in the picturesque landscapes along the way.

 Alternatively, visitors can opt for air travel, arriving at nearby airstrips through regional flights, affording a convenient and time-efficient passage to this wildlife-rich park. 

Whether via the scenic road trip or the swift air transit, Tarangire National Park promises a remarkable encounter with a diverse environment and an impressive congregation of elephants.

Stone Town, Zanzibar

Stone Town, the soulful historical core of Zanzibar, invites exploration through its labyrinthine narrow streets, adorned with Swahili architecture and a captivating blend of cultures.

 To reach this cultural gem, travelers can embark on flights to Zanzibar, a pivotal entry point. From the Zanzibar airport, a brief and picturesque drive swiftly leads to Stone Town, offering a seamless transition into the heart of the island's history and cultural heritage. 

The short journey from the airport to Stone Town sets the stage for an immersive experience, with the town's vibrant ambiance and rich historical tapestry awaiting eager explorers.

Selous Game Reserve

The Selous Game Reserve, Africa's expansive and serene wildlife sanctuary, delivers a more tranquil safari experience. Accessing this vast reserve offers two primary options: travelers can opt for air travel from Dar es Salaam, providing a convenient and quicker route, or choose the adventurous journey by road, encompassing a longer drive from major cities. 

Whether by the efficiency of air travel or the more immersive road trip, Selous Game Reserve assures a quieter and captivating safari encounter, boasting an array of diverse wildlife within its expansive, unspoiled landscapes.

Mikumi National Park

Mikumi National Park, celebrated for its close proximity to Dar es Salaam and its rich diversity of wildlife, offers accessible entry via a road trip. Visitors can embark on a scenic journey from either Dar es Salaam or Morogoro, creating a picturesque route that showcases the beauty of the Tanzanian landscape on the way to this wildlife-rich park.
Whether traveling from Dar es Salaam or Morogoro, the road trip to Mikumi National Park promises an opportunity to witness an array of wildlife in their natural habitat, making it a convenient and enthralling escape from the nearby urban centers.

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park, renowned for its unique tree-climbing lions and vibrant avian population, is easily accessed by road. Visitors can embark on a picturesque journey from several key locations such as Arusha, Karatu, or Ngorongoro, each offering scenic routes that lead to the park. 

Whether traveling from Arusha, Karatu, or Ngorongoro, the road trip to Lake Manyara National Park provides an opportunity to witness the captivating sight of the park's distinctive wildlife, making it a convenient and enriching excursion for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers alike.

  Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park, Tanzania's expansive and biodiverse wilderness, stands as the country's largest park, showcasing an array of remarkable wildlife. Accessing this vast expanse can be accomplished through two primary routes. Visitors can opt for air travel from Dar es Salaam, providing a swift and efficient journey, or embark on the adventure of a longer road trip from Iringa. 

Whether by air or the scenic road trip, Ruaha National Park promises an immersive encounter with diverse wildlife and sprawling natural landscapes, ensuring an unforgettable exploration of Tanzania's flourishing ecosystems.

Travel within Tanzania typically involves a combination of road and air travel. Domestic flights link major cities and safari destinations, while roads connect various parks and landmarks.
Most safari destinations are accessible via regional flights, with local airports or airstrips providing access to the national parks and reserves. For some remote locations, road travel remains the primary mode of transport, often requiring guided tours, self-driving, or hiring local transportation services.

Insider's Guide
20 Local Tips for an Unforgettable Trip

Safari Planning: Book safaris with reputable companies for a memorable experience.

Cultural Sensitivity: Respect local customs, dress modestly in certain areas, and ask before taking photos of people.

Local Cuisine: Explore street food like mishkaki (grilled meat skewers) and taste the famous Zanzibar spice markets.

Language Basics: Learn some Swahili phrases for better interaction with locals.

Responsible Wildlife Viewing: Follow guidelines for ethical wildlife encounters, especially in the national parks.

Visa and Documentation: Ensure all necessary visas and documents are in order before arrival.

Beach and Island Hopping: Discover the stunning beaches of Zanzibar and Pemba Islands.

Mountain Climbing: If attempting Mount Kilimanjaro, ensure proper gear and acclimatization.

Medical Precautions: Consider malaria prevention and other health precautions based on your destination.

Transportation: Use reputable local transportation services or hire a trusted guide for safer travels.

Tipping Practices: Understand local tipping customs to show appreciation for services.

Shopping: Visit local markets for authentic souvenirs and crafts.

Festivals and Events: Time your visit with local celebrations for a vibrant cultural experience.

Hiking and Nature: Explore the beauty of Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park through guided walks.

Respect for Wildlife: Keep a safe distance from wildlife to avoid disturbances and potential dangers.

Adventure Activities: Experience scuba diving, snorkeling, and other water sports along the coast.

Currency: Have local currency for easier transactions, especially in more rural areas.

Tanzanian History: Visit historical sites like the Olduvai Gorge for insights into human evolution.

Photography Etiquette: Ask for permission before taking photos of locals, especially in rural areas.

Environmental Responsibility: Practice eco-friendly habits and support sustainable tourism initiatives.

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